Collection: Snake Substrate

Snake substrates give your snakes a comfortable space to explore, hunt, and burrow
while helping to maintain the internal humidity and temperature of your vivarium.
Choosing the right substrate for snakes depends on the species of snakes you keep with each material having its own set of unique pros and cons.

Aspen and Lignocel Snake Substrates

Our aspen, and lignocel, snake substrates are popular with a wide range of snake
owners. This shredded wood-based product holds moisture for optimal humidity,
provides ample room to burrow and nest and can be easily removed and replaced for

Allow Us to Help You Find Your Ideal Snake Substrates

Allow us to help you make the right decision with our informative product descriptions
below. Alternatively, you can contact us or drop by our Nottingham-based shop to
discuss the right fit for your vivarium. We have a wide range of plant, sand, coconut
fibre, and other substrates for snakes available for delivery or pick up.
At Internet Reptile, we price check against our competitors daily, guaranteeing you the best prices on all of our snake substrates and other reptile products.
We can help identify your needs and suggest a range of products to suit your budget
and pets. We aim to stock everything you need for your reptile enclosure including
Frozen Reptile Food, Reptile Housing and Reptile Lighting. Our team is also on hand
to answer any questions you may have and assist you with deciding what substrate to
get your snake, nutritious food, or fun accessories you may need.

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