Insect Size Chart

Want to check out exactly what size you need for your reptiles... see our handy list below.  If you're still unsure please don't hesitate to contact us before you place your order.  


Please note that we now use instar sizes in line with all major breeders of locusts and other online stores in the UK.  These are different to the old sizing method used when the site was under previous ownership

  Size (Instar) Size (mm) Examples of suggested suitability
Hatchling 1 6-10mm Special use
Small 2 10-12mm Juvenile Crested Geckos / Hatchling Chameleons
Medium 3 12mm+ Baby Bearded Dragons
Large 4 20mm+ Juvenile Bearded Dragons
XL 5 30mm+ Adult Bearded Dragons
Adults  6 45mm+ Special use