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Snakes, lizards, bearded dragons and many other reptiles subsist on frozen food. At Internet Reptile, we supply a wide range of convenient frozen reptile food including frozen mice, frozen rats, frozen chicks and more to replicate the diet out in the wild.

All of our reptile food, frozen and live, is ethically bred and humanly euthanised before being frozen and unlike other suppliers, we pride ourselves on supplying only the very highest quality food as we understand that is exactly what you want for your pets.

Fast, Reliable Frozen Reptile Food Online 

Our frozen reptile food is available online in convenient pack sizes which are sealed and clearly marked for size. We stock various reptile frozen foods in different weights and sizes to account for different species and diets, from large weaner rats for large snakes to smaller rodents for smaller snakes and lizards. We also stock frozen foods like worms, shrimp, and chicks to add more to diets and accommodate aquatic life like fish and amphibians as well as reptiles.

We use a range of packing techniques depending on weather conditions as well as specialist courier services that can handle dry ice and understand the importance of prompt, reliable delivery required for reptile frozen food.

We ship orders the same day as long as you pay before 2 PM (but please bear in mind we don’t ship out frozen reptile food on a Friday as it would otherwise defrost over the weekend). Due to the specialist despatch process needed, orders for frozen food will arrive in separate/couriers than other items ordered at the same time.

Frozen Reptile Food Right On Your Doorstep

If you are close to our Nottingham Reptile Shop you can also benefit from the same great prices on all our frozen reptile food in-store – you can usually pick it up the very same day, seven days a week.

As well as the more common food items, we can also supply frozen multis (multimammate mice), frozen guinea pigs, frozen quail, frozen rabbits, frozen gerbils, frozen hamsters and stock a wide range of frozen fish and aquatic foods which make a convenient diet for many animals.

If you can’t find the right pet or reptile frozen food, just get in touch and our team will be able to help. We aim to stock all reptile supplies including Live Food for Reptiles, Reptile Housing and Reptile Lighting.

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