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Silent Crickets

Silent Crickets

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Silent Brown Crickets are a staple feeder for most reptiles and amphibians, they are cost effective, easy to gut load and highly nutritious.

New - Mini Size now available


Size Instar Reg Tub Quantity Bulk 500 Bulk 1000
Large 15-20mm 6 50 Bag N/a
Standard 12-18mm 5 100 Bag Bag
Medium 8-12mm 4 125 Bag Bag
Medium/Small 6-8mm 3 175 N/a Bag
Small 4-5mm 2 250 Tub N/a
Mini 2-3mm 1 400 N/a N/a


A new size of crickets, perfect for keepers of Dendrobatids and small geckos, is available now. The new ‘mini’ cricket, is a 5-6 day old house brown cricket that is larger than a ‘micro’ but smaller than a ‘small’. This means the insects are slightly more robust and the optimal size for poison frogs, which represents an increasingly popular area of exotics keeping.  Approx 400 per tub.  We would recommend ordering these instead of micro and are pleased to confirm they are covered by our standard live arrival guarantee.

The following are non-standard sizes, allow an extra day for despatch

Size Instar Reg Tub Quantity Bulk
XL 20-30mm 7 25 Bag of 500
Micro 1-3 1 500 N/a

*Micro crickets are too small for the vast majority of species, they are excluded from our live arrival guarantee.  Please consider our new mini size.

Note on species: "Silent" is not a literal term, all crickets make some noise, larger sizes are supplied as g.assimilis and will be less noisy than other cricket species.  Smaller sizes are g.assimilis or acheta subject to production.


Fast and fully Tracked Delivery

We despatch our orders same or next working day by Royal Mail tracked 24 delivery. This costs just £4.99 per order, or FREE when you spend £50

Cold Weather? Ensure you read this

If receiving food in cold weather, bugs may go into a dormant state. Ensure you carefully open the boxes to allow airflow and GENTLY let them warm up for 2-3 hours at room temperature (never apply external heat) before starting to worry before getting in touch.

Fresh & Alive: Guaranteed

If there's ever a problem, we'll replace it free of charge under our live arrival guarantee. Ensure you are in to take the delivery on the first attempt and email us a photo same day to ensure you are covered.

(Please see our note about receiving insects in cold weather before contacting us).

How we offer low prices AND quality bugs

It's simple; we never pay to advertise our website. By relying entirely on word of mouth and repeat business we eliminate the main cost of most online stores. We aim to keep our pricing as low as possible, despite the huge increases in the cost of livefood production.

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